New City leagues to begin in summer-Presidents note to players.

Hello to all VADTTL players.
As we wrap up the 2012/13 Winter league season, this will be the last District league that I will preside over. There a several reasons for this, some are to do with time available to run such a large league. Ultimately though I am (and always have been) looking to help form City leagues, especially now as the league population has increased 4 fold since the beginning of the VADTTL’s 8 year existence, bringing in players from all over the lower mainland and BC, making City leagues now a real possibility.
As of this summer I will be running a new sanctioned “Richmond Table Tennis League” to be played at Bridgeport SC, Richmond. We will playing the same format as previous VADTTL summer and winter leagues. This league will be an Open League and start at the end of May 2013 it looks like.
I am also in the process of assisting the formation of a new “Surrey Table Tennis League”. It looks possible that this league may start around June/July 2013. Watch this page for details.
It also seems possible that I can assist in the formation of a small league in Port Coquitlam at a brand new purpose built small TT venue. This league if it is able to take off will not happen until the Winter season most likely. Again watch this page for details as they develop.

As City leagues hopefully become established throughout the lower mainland I will be looking to form an Inter-league Championships. This would be a probably end of season tournament where the best available players from each league would be asked to form a team and play against representative teams from other leagues for an Inter-league title. This is a very normal format in other league playing countries and is something I have always hoped was a possibility here, so hopefully this could happen quite soon after the formation of new City leagues.

I will be keeping the VADTTL website open as a central conduit linking website for all possible new leagues. Where at the moment, on the ‘Current league’ page it would have said Winter Div 1, 2, 3 etc it will soon say Richmond League, Surrey League… etc etc and directly link you to the City league results or it’s own website. Based on this I will be changing the name of this website to the “Vancouver and District Table Tennis LEAGUES”.

I want to say a big thank to our VADTTL host venues (Bridgeport SC and VTTC) for all their help and to all the VADTTL committee members for their hard work and am looking forward to working with some of you again I hope on future league projects.
Watch this page for entry forms for all new leagues as they become available

Looking forward to seeing you all at all leagues in the future.


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