RTTL Winter League 2017/18 looking at Full Entry

October 13th, 2017

If all incumbent teams from last year’s Divisions 1-4 confirm their slots as expected plus the new entries that have come in added, the 2017/18 RTTL Winter league looks to be full.
If you are a new team that has yet to contact the league and are hoping to join…you will have to contact a league official (use Contact on this website will get you there) and your team will be placed on the cancellation list.

A new Division 5 is being considered also…there is not yet enough entries to make this happen yet so please contact us if you are looking to enter that Division.

Looking forward to a very competitive season.


RTTL Winter League 2017/18 Registrations now being taken

October 3rd, 2017

Edwin Lee-Captain of Division 2's ZSSSAA

The RTTL Winter League 2017/18 will begin week starting Oct 30th.
Download your Rules and Registration form here:
Richmond Table Tennis Winter League 2017:18 Form and Rules
Most Divisions are already quite full, but any teams new to RTTL Winter League wishing to register must contact a committee member to see if a space is available to them. A space will only be given to a new team after all incumbent league teams registrations are confirmed or not whichever is the case.
Looking forward to seeing you all this winter.


Coquitlam Fall League-Schedule now out

September 11th, 2017

James Guan-Silverteam of Coquitlam

Download you Coquitlam league schedule from here:
CCTTL Fall League 2017-Schedule

We will be running the same one division format as last Fall.
The league will also include an end of season Doubles tournament and an Top 15 Singles tournament.
Matches begin tomorrow September 12th.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

RTTL Summer League 2017-Schedule now available

May 14th, 2017

David Lin-Bonsor 1

The RTTL Sumer league 2017 schedule is available here for download:
2017 SUMMER LEAGUE- schedule
Note: There are no league matches the week of the National Championships (Week of Mon July 10th)

The league has reached complete capacity as far as the venue is concerned in a 4 division format.
All teams be aware that the intention of the league is to go to 5 Divisions very possibly next summer if the entry is similar or bigger. We have had to go over the 8 team maximum per Division to simply get the number of teams in this summer. However see below lists to see the predicted Divisional formats expected for 2018

This would mean the following potential expected relegations this Summer:

2017 -> 2018
Division 1, 7 teams : No 2017 teams relagated
Division 2, 8 teams : One 2017 team relegated-One team promoted from Div 3
Division 3, 10 teams : Two 2017 teams relegated-One team promoted from Div 4
Division 4, 9 teams : Up to 4 2017 teams possibly relegated to Div 5-One team promoted to Div 3
Division 5, 2017 No teams: Up to 8 teams to be excepted for 2018
All 2018 Summer League Divisions expected to be maximum 8 teams.

The above 2018 format would also allow for up to 4 more division 5 slots if needed. Division 5 2018 if it materializes will be played in the upstairs section of Bridgeport SC on Wednesday nights.
The idea of the above format will be to get all divisions back to 8 teams maximum in the space of just one season.

Looking forward to seeing you all there this summer.

RTTL Summer League Registration Form now available for download

April 14th, 2017

Jason Cheung-Vancouver Avengers

The RTTL registration form for the forthcoming 2017 Summer league is available here for download.
Richmond Table Tennis Summer League 2017 Form and Rules

Coquitlam Spring League Schedule now out

March 23rd, 2017

Download your Coquitlam Spring league schedule here:

Full CCTTL Spring League 2017 Division 1+ 2 schedule

Due to demand we have a bigger league this spring and now 2 Divisions with all teams playing 2 rounds each over a 10 week season. The 11th week will feature a Tournament with some representatives from all teams being asked to play.
Look froward to seeing you there.


Coquitlam Spring Table Tennis League-Start pushed back 3 weeks

February 26th, 2017

Just a reminder to all Coquitlam Spring League teams. The start date has been changed from March 7th to March 28th. This is due to vacation commitments for the organizer.
Entry process is the same as the Fall league. This time it looks like we will have two divisions with two rounds of play per division.


RTTL Division 1 & 3 matches postponed tomorrow Feb 8th

February 7th, 2017

Notice to all RTTL Division 1 & 3 teams
We are also postponing tomorrow’s (Wednesday) league night February 8th due to the heavy snowfall forecast.
These matches postponed for this week will be also added on at the end of the season in the form of an extra week just like the Monday night postponements.
Please take time to inform your team mates and other players. Thank you.

Division 2 and 4 Feb 6th matches postponed due to weather conditions

February 5th, 2017

Notice to all RTTL division 2 and 4 teams.
We are postponing tomorrow’s league night February 6th due to current weather conditions and the Monday weather forecast.
The matches postponed this week will be added on at the end of the season in the form of an extra week.
Please take time to inform your team mates and other players.


RTTL Winter League Schedule now available

November 5th, 2016

Rippu Gupta-Playing for CITTI this season

Download you full RTTL 2016/17 league schedule here:
2016-17 WINTER LEAGUE- schedule
Looking forward to seeing everyone in the new season.